On the Go… destination Brazil

It seems that each time we are waiting and preparing to set out on one of the longer crossings, we are imprisoned by heavy weather and winds first… And so it is again this time here at Cape Verde – Mindelo. We had hoped to leave early this week, but heavy winds and stormy weather have kept us here some longer…

The conditions have not exactly brought favourable prep time…  The past 5 days have not been how  you would like to spend time and save energy before a *marathon* sailing rally… We are moored onto the pontoon, but it feels as if we have been out on the open sea instead (in a soft ride). Silmaril is heavily rocked, its inhabitants stirred and shaken, cooking gear and stuff flying all over the place, lines and shock breakers ripped apart, sahara sands covering the boat and creeping into literally everything (including our noses and lungs), but what’s even worse is the continuous pulling and snapping of the lines from all sides to keep her in place in the heavy swell and wind gusts… We can’t wait to set our great lady free and release her from this torture 🙂 It is high time to leave indeed…

So despite of the little rest and sleep we have had lately, we were happy this morning to find out the sky has cleared, the sun is back to bring some warmth and renewed energy, the weather forecasts remain favourable, so we have been busy with final preparations and administration to leave Mindelo marina this afternoon… together with many fellow travellers eager to sail off into the open air, wind and sea 😉 The sailing conditions are not optimal and we are prepared for some high waves and swell at first, but the winds are settling down again to their normal  strength and the week ahead is looking good…

So we will be on the go soon for a journey towards Salvador da Bahia in Brazil or at least that’s where we hope to arrive after a trip of over 2000 nautical miles… We assume it will take us somewhere between 16 and 20 days sailing. We will have to set our course  southwards as much as possible, so that we can get through the famous doldrums at a favourable spot and also to avoid being drifted westwards to Brazil too soon by the heavy currents, so that we can land southly enough without having to fight against the winds and currents in the northern area of the Brazilian mainland…

It is a very tricky trip, we are very much aware, but also a whole new learning experience ahead… Around the equator the earth and all geographical and meteorological conditions literally reverse into their mirror image and counterpart… How a unique an experience that will be, despite the inevitable exhaustion due to the sailing and new biorhythm  our bodies and mind will be forced into eventually. It will be summer when we reach land, but to get there sound and safe, smooth and *easy*, tired but happy we have made it, we need good trade winds and the ocean in its protective armor while we are on the go…

We will be in contact whenever possible and post our position by satelite communication and maybe we can write a blog post now and then and get it published out on the ocean.   If not, we wish you wonderful weeks ahead and will get in touch again as soon as we have arrived. Keep us in your thoughts in the meantime, you are in ours 🙂 And especially for some of you loved ones, please do not worry… We will get there 🙂

About Patrick & Leentje

We are Leentje and Patrick. We have been cruising since June 2014 with the ambition to sail around the world.
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5 Responses to On the Go… destination Brazil

  1. Quido en Gerdie says:

    We wensen jullie een hele mooie overtocht met goede wind, weinig swell en genoeg water onder de kiel.
    Dikke knuffel van ons

  2. wim says:

    wishing you a safe adventure.. go big sis(and Patrick) !!!

  3. Jean-Marie Marchand says:

    Good luck on your trip to the other side of the world!

  4. Linda says:

    I wish yoy a safe trip to brasil. Take care!

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPod

    Op 10-jan.-2015 om 14:56 heeft “Sailing SILMARIL” het volgende geschreven:


  5. Luk says:

    Keep safe

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